About Kim


Kim is a San Francisco based yoga instructor and entrepreneur, whose mission is to bring accessible, effective yoga and mindfulness programs to the workplace.

In 2011 she founded Kim Sin Yoga (KSY), which partners with leading Bay Area companies to design and implement office yoga and mindfulness programs.

Kim teaches an accessible style of Vinyasa yoga and presents it in a way that is approachable, effective, memorable and fun. Kim designs each class to cater to the needs and goals of each client and student; whether it be mental calm through guided meditation, a more powerful body via a challenging active sequence, or less stress through a mellow, stretch focused class.

Kim has trained under some of the leading Vinyasa and Hatha teachers including Jason Crandell and Alexandria Crow.

Outside of class, Kim loves exploring new restaurants, traveling to warm sunny beaches and finding new ways to incorporate the teachings of yoga into daily life.

Kim’s work has appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine, the SF Chronicle and she¬†is a Lululemon Ambassador.


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