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Yoga is Exercise for Your Brain and Body

After teaching and practicing yoga for the past 6 years I’ve realized that my practice is more about meditation than it is about sculpting the perfect beach body. Yoga has a great dual benefit, where I can help clients align, stretch and relax parts of their body while also calming their mind. A...

Inner Yoga – A Tool to Reduce Stress Anytime, Anywhere

It's 4:55 and I'm stuck in traffic in SOMA. I'm cutting it close to my 5:00 client and can feel my blood pressure rising. The light turns green, but nobody is moving. I feel like honking, but recognize my anxiety and decide to practice some inner yoga instead.  Although I teach yoga...

A Quick 3-minute Meditation to Start Your Weekend

This post originally appeared on Mind Body Green where I regularly blog about the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Meditation is a relatively quick way to set a calm, attentive, and balanced tone to your day. Whether you're new to meditation or experienced, several minutes a day can go a long way. In the guide...

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