An Office Yoga Sequence to Soothe your Upper Back

I've been noticing in my classes lately that students have requested and enjoyed sequences that soothe the upper back.  Can you recall having upper back discomfort? It's not fun huh.  Unfortunately, it happens to a lot of us.  The upper back can feel tight due to many reasons.  It can be a result of stress, sleeping funny, carrying...

Being a Witness to Employees Finding Well Being through Office Yoga

As a nomadic yoga teacher that teaches yoga in tech offices in San Francisco, I get to meet a lot of people.  People with different jobs, family lives, bodies, physical strengths and weaknesses, stress levels, and more. Once students step into their in-office yoga class though, we meet on the same level of seeking well being...

Yoga Stretches to Soothe the effects of Typing in your Office

It's incredible how hard we work our fingers, wrists, forearms, and upper body when we type for work.  Considering that most of us spend a third of our lives at work and type majority of our time there, it's not surprising that all the typing can produce repetitive stress injuries to our wrists, other physical pain, and mental...

10 Simple Yet Deep Wall Yoga Sequences

This post first appeared on mindbodygreen where I share some of my favorite yoga sequences to fit your everyday life. 

Have you ever felt short on time and wished you could get the benefits of a strong, challenging yoga class in just a fraction of the time? Me too.

Instead of...

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