A Simple Way to be more Mindful

My inner sense of hustle for work and life; juggling many responsibilities and commitments at one time has grown to new heights.  A monstrous peak where you can often find me anxious, stressed, exhausted, and wishing I was in some other tranquil moment.

In this modern age of technology where almost everything moves fast and expectations we set for ourselves and society’s pressure are high, in can be difficult to slow down and find moments of mindfulness.

Even as a yoga teacher, most times times when I hear the word meditation or mindfulness my inner kid throws a tantrum smugly yelling, “my brain is too crazy for that right now, I’ll do it later when I feel less all over the place!”

Fortunately, mindfulness does not have to be a huge commitment, nor does it have to be perfect or look a way you think it needs to.  Actually, your mindfulness session could be several rounds of conscious breath, or just being a witness to your experience (even if you feel insane).  I’ve been using the technique of witnessing my experience lately and have included some instructions on it below.  I hope it will help you find a mindful moment, even if just for a micro moment.

Witness your Experience:

Get into a comfortable position for meditation either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and keep a small space between your lips and top and bottom jaw. Imagine that your inner experience is a movie playing up on a cinema screen.  That there is a distance between you sitting in the theater and what you’re observing on the screen.  You may witness thoughts, emotions, physical discomfort which at times may be uncomfortable.  Play with sitting with whatever arises without getting attached or reacting.  When you do react by latching onto some future thought or reminiscing about some past thought or emotion, practice sitting back and being a witness again to the movie on the screen.

Practice this meditation technique for as long as you like, but practice mindfulness as regularly as you can!  The regularity of practice can create benefits that help you in the moment, but can also trickle into every part of your life creating more ease, calm, and presence.IMG_2957





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