A Quick, Calming Meditation you can do at Work

Do you every find yourself so stressed at work that you wish you could just vanish into thin air while all of your dues dates and deliverables are put on hold?  Me too.

I find that when I’m that stressed my motivation is virtually nonexistent, creativity is zapped, and I feel physically lethargic.

These are all normal feelings that arise and pass for all of us, but finding healthy ways to destress can boost motivation, creativity, and energy.

When you’re feeling ridiculously stressed at work, try this quick, calming meditation that will empower you to approach your work and life with a new calm, zest, and clarity:

Find a comfortable, yet tall, seated position at your desk and close your eyes halfway (almost like your eyes are slightly tired). Deepen your breath and notice the rise and fall of your chest with each breath. Your mind will soon wander off the breath, but when it does, kindly guide it back to the sensations of your breath. After 1-3 minutes of this meditation, open your eyes fully and notice how you feel.


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