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Office Yoga San Francisco Union SquareWhat do companies like Apple, Google, and Nike have in common? They all promote meditation for their employees. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to reduce stress and increase concentration at the workplace and benefits can be seen with just ten minutes of practice a day.

If you’re looking for a company wellness activity that doesn’t involve a full blown yoga class, take a look at some of our packages below.

  • Mindfulness Meditation (20 minutes) – Five minutes of simple stretching to prepare the body for 15 minutes of guided, seated meditation.
  • Mindfulness + Energy Recharge (45 minutes) – This class is designed to clear your head, balance the body, and reinvigorate your energy. We include breath work, meditation, strengthening, and relaxation.
  • Mindfulness Workshop (30 – 45 minutes) – This workshop is an accessible way for people to explore what is meditation and how to practice it. It includes a guided meditation that promotes relaxation, mental clarity, and resilience.
  • Intro to Meditation Workshop Series (4-8 weekly, 30-45 min sessions) – This series supports a relaxed and inviting environment where your team can acquire and integrate the tools of meditation practice and learn a variety of meditation techniques and their benefits. This program helps students leave with the confidence to meditate on their own to improve mental clarity, productivity, and contentment. 

We currently deliver world-class mindfulness instruction to 60 companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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