Office Wellness Programs

Our new on-site wellness programs help improve collaboration, communication, and creativity for your teams across all levels of your organization.

Kim Sin Yoga has partnered with Allie Stark Wellness to provide integrative coaching, workshops, and activities to inspire your employees to be more mindful, skillful, and effective human beings both in and outside of your workplace.

A wellness program can include a workshop, individual coaching or a long-term consulting engagement depending on the needs of your company.

On-Site Wellness Programs Include:

  • Organizational evaluation & needs assessment
  • Individual / Group health & nutrition coaching sessions
  • Talks
  • Half-day & Full-day workshops
  • Day-long & Month-long intensives
  • Employee goal setting

Allie Stark has over a decade of experience in the field of integrative health. She received her master’s degree in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies and her health coaching certification through Real Balance Coaching. She works as a coach, wellness consultant, writer, and speaker. She uses her work as an opportunity to teach and empower others to lead their lives in a space of optimal health, happiness, and balance. Allie is an inspired educator that loves having the opportunity to playfully engage audiences on the art and act of being human.


What clients are saying:

  • “Allie is so knowledgeable, non-judgmental, approachable, relatable, and real! I truly appreciated her willingness to share her own struggles – I loved everything about her talk.” — Nielsen Employee
  • “This workshop was the perfect balance of stimulating, thoughtful content and meaningful activity. Allie is knowledgable, dynamic, and insightful, and I really appreciated that she was prepared and presented authentically.” — West Employee
  • “Hands down the best Houseguest we’ve had. It was relatable, actionable and a very positive experience for well-being.” — Nest Employee
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