Office Yoga in Los Angeles

Office Yoga San Francisco Union SquareOffice Yoga is a proven way to help employees decrease stress and improve focus and concentration during the workday.

Discover the benefits for your company with one of our world-class instructors.

  • Classes can be delivered to your office once or twice a week
  • Yoga can be physical, restorative or a combination of both
  • 30-60 minutes and a small open space is all you need

What Clients Are Saying

Kim holds office yoga session right after work inside our office, which was convenient and a great way to involve the co-workers. After a long day of desk work, all my major muscle groups experience tightness and inflexibility. The stretches and poses that Kim instructed us to do made every inch of my body relaxed.

Kim Sin is an office yoga instructor and entrepreneur, whose mission is to bring accessible, effective mindfulness programs to the workplace. In 2011 she founded Kim Sin Yoga, which partners with leading companies in California to design and implement office yoga and corporate meditation programs.

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