Office Yoga for Companies in SOMA | San Francisco

Office Yoga San Francisco Union SquareKim Sin is a leading office yoga instructor who works with startups and tech companies in San Francisco’s SOMA district. For the past five years she’s worked with executives at companies such as AirBnB,, and Gap to help them improve mindfulness and reduce stress.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing class, a mindfulness meditation seminar or an engaging fast-paced yoga workout, Kim structures office classes for the needs of her clients.

Read reviews from some of Kim’s office yoga clients on Yelp:

I’ve been practicing yoga with Kim for about a year and I absolutely love her teaching style. I find a lot of other classes to be all about power – really fast paced, not much emphasis on alignment and just about working up a sweat.


What I like about yoga is that it’s good for my body, and only if you practice it well. ┬áKim is really focused on alignment, constantly making suggestions, giving instructions and adjustments


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