One Pose Wonder: Eagle Pose in a Chair

Many of us may assume that if we can’t devote an hour to yoga, that it is not worth doing. I beg to differ!

I am excited to share my top office yoga poses I’ll call ‘One Pose Wonder.’  This blog series will feature one yoga pose that you can do in the office, at home, in an airport, basically anywhere that offers many benefits on its own.  The poses are accessible, but effective in a deep way.

The Third One Pose Wonder is…

Eagle Pose in a Chair:

Benefits: Stretches the outer hips, your back, shoulders, neck and strengthens the legs, core, chest, and arms.  The forward bending in the pose can be soothing too.

How: Take a seat at the front edge of your chair with your feet grounded. Cross a leg over the bottom and squeeze the legs together. Then, cross the same arm under the opposite arm and squeeze (If you can’t cross your arms all the way, it’s ok. Then cross the arms across your chest and grab the back of your shoulder blades). Now, squeeze your limbs and relax your face, and fold from your hips and round your back forward as you press the forearms toward the floor. Breathe 5-10 cycles and notice how you feel in the pose.  Then repeat the pose on the opposite side.

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