Break up your Work Day with Yoga and Mindfulness

I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 45 Bay area companies to bring yoga and mindfulness to their employees.  I often ask my students, whose careers range from scientists to lawyers to engineers to artists, what inspires you to come to class?  Two of the most common responses include: 1) I look forward to the break in my day and 2) I feel better.

My students all work full time, 9-6ish schedules so breaking up the day makes sense.  I remember working ten hours straight a day and feeling like my brain was mush if I sat too long at my computer working intently.  Plus, taking a break can feel refreshing and relaxing.  I read in an article regarding the relationship between work and taking breaks that: “there is a link between taking breaks and other important outcomes that employers may care about: higher job satisfaction; reduced emotional exhaustion; and greater efforts by employees to undertake work above-and-beyond their job description.”

So taking breaks make you more satisfied with your job, less emotionally tired, and more inspired?  And according to my students, it makes you feel better?

How are you breaking up your work day for yourself or your employees?  Try adding some yoga and mindfulness breaks at work.  I’d like to help you or your team feel better, be more happy, and productive.




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