One Pose Wonder: Baby Revolved Triangle

Many of us may assume that if we can’t devote an hour to yoga, that it is not worth doing. I beg to differ!

I am excited to share my top office yoga poses I’ll call ‘One Pose Wonder.’  This blog series will feature one yoga pose that you can do in the office, at home, in an airport, basically anywhere that offers many benefits on its own.  The poses are accessible, but effective in a deep way.

The Second One Pose Wonder is…

Baby Revolved Triangle:

Benefits: Stretches the hamstrings, the outer hips, your spine, back, chest, and shoulders.

How: Start in a standing forward fold with your knees bent. Place your hands a foot in front of your feet and lift your spine half way (If your hands can’t easily touch the floor, then put your hands on a block or low table). Step your left hand under your face, straighten your right leg, then turn your chest up to the right and reach your right arm skyward. Breathe and notice what you feel.  After 5-10 breaths, switch sides.

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