Yoga can Improve your Memory more than Brain Training

There are countless articles on the web about the benefits yoga can have on the body and mind, but not many on how yoga specifically can improve your memory.

So I am delighted to have stumbled across an article on a small, but recent study on how a dedicated (but short term) yoga practice can improve your memory even more than brain training.

“The study involved 25 adults ages 55 and over who had mild cognitive impairment, or problems with thinking and memory that sometimes precede Alzheimer’s disease. The participants were randomly assigned to complete either a three-month course in yoga and meditation, or to practice memory-training exercises, consisting of skills and tricks already known to boost memory.”

“At the end of the study, the two groups saw similar improvements in their verbal memory, which is the type of memory used when people remember names or lists of words. But those who practiced yoga had bigger improvements in visual-spatial memory, the type of memory used to recall locations and navigate while driving.”

“The yoga group also saw bigger reductions in their symptoms of depression and anxiety than did the brain-training group.”

Although the findings in the study show that yoga can improve your visual-spatial memory more than brain exercises, the research in this arena is limited.  Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that yoga is great for your body, but also your brain and memory.

Have your experienced that your memory has improved with your yoga practice?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.





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