4 Yoga Poses if You Sit at a Desk All Day at Work

This post originally appeared on mindbodygreen where I regularly share yoga tips to help you stay energized and mindful at work

Working in front of our computers and sitting for extended periods of time can often round our posture forward. This can create physical tension that is a pain in the neck both physically and energetically!

Slouching can physically compress your spine and make you feel stiff. Energetically, your computer slouch can make you feel tired and creatively closed off.

Even as a yoga teacher who talks about posture frequently, I find myself slouching whenever I read or type on any electronic device. It’s as if my body awareness turns off when my electronic device is powered on.

Fortunately, taking a moment to stretch and realign your spine, can build your body awareness and correct your computer slouch. Use these postures anytime you feel the slouch encroaching so you can work (and live) with less tension and more ease.

Extend your arms out in front of you and interlace your hands in front of your chest. Exhale and flip your palms upward and stretch your arms overhead. Hold for five breaths and releaseeasy-office-yoga-pose.


Sit tall at the front edge of your chair with your feet hips-width distance apart.

On an exhale, twist to your right and place your left elbow outside of your right knee and place your hands together at your chest.

Hold for five breaths, and then inhale back to center. Repeat to your left side.


Goal Post Back-bend

Sit tall at the front edge of your chair with your feet hips-width apart.

Open your arms out to your side with elbows bent at 90 degrees and fingertips pointing skyward. On an inhale, lift your rib cage and on an exhale, press your arm bones back.

Hold for five breaths and release.



Sit tall at the front edge of your chair with your feet hips-width apart.

Turn your hands out to the side and grab the back side of your chair. Bend your elbows behind you and inhale lift your chest up and back, but don’t let your head drop.

Hold for five breaths and release.



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